Firefox 1.5 Beta 2: Two Minute Review

I just wiped my main desktop and re-installed Windows XP Pro on it… It’d just gotten to be that time.

I rev’ed up IE and hit up to download Firefox as soon as I was done rebooting 30 times in a row to finish Windows Updates. Instead of downloading the release version of Firefox 1.0.7, I was enticed by the link to the Beta 2 version of 1.5…

I’ve verified that all of the hype about extensions not working was indeed hype… This is just the kind of thing we all expect in the computer industry whenever something changes and doesn’t maintain backwards compatibility. In fact, all the extension authors I use have already updated their plugins to support 1.5, even though it’s still only in beta.

So far, not a whole lot different. I did notice that they seem to have increased the delay before you can install an “Unsigned” plugin… Now the OK button that I already despised not lighting up takes even longer to light up.

For the love of god… I guess we’ve started trying to cater to the lowest common moron so we can boost our market share, right?

I really don’t see why they jumped to 1.5… I’m not seeing all the new features that were supposed to make it a milestone build. Who knows, maybe I just haven’t found them yet…


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